Our Services

Tax Consultancy

We assist our clients in getting registration with Tax Authorities for NTN (National Tax Number), Sales Tax, WEBOC, PSW (Pakistan Single Window) and registration with provincial tax authorities, further we provide complete support to the businesses to deal with Income tax, sale tax, custom, federal excise duties, and all others direct, indirect taxes and provincial tax compliances.

Corporate Services

  • Registration of companies.
  • Getting license for the NGO’s u/s 42 of the company act 2017.
  • Reporting of changes in particulars of the company or change of registered office address.
  • Files inspection on behalf of our clients
  • Preparation and filing of documents for change in management structure
  • Conversion of the company from private limited into public limited or private limited to single-member Private limited and vice versa
  • Winding up of companies
  • Services for further issue of shares.
  • Advisory services on corporate matters

Trade Mark/Patent/Copy Right registration.

TMC provides services for the registration of a trademark, copyright, and patent to their clients to get their products distinguished from their Competitor’s products and to protect unauthorized use of their written articles, manuscripts, literature, artistic works, and invention or production methods. The services include: –

  1. Trade Mark registration
  2. Copy right registration
  3. Patent Registration

External and Internal Audit

TMC provide services to conduct internal and external audit, we follow a systematic procedure as required by regulatory authority to conduct the audit of books of accounts and operations of an entity

Accounting Services

TMC assist companies, AOPs, NPOs and individuals to prepare their financial statements in accordance with the approved international accounting standards and regulatory body, we provide a complete solution to prepare the financial statements to depict a true picture of the organization financial position and financial performance

Bookkeeping Services

Nowadays it is very expensive for small businesses to have separate accounts sections for the maintenance of accounting records, invoices, vouchers, and other daily transaction records. To minimize the cost we provide our clients the following services to maintain all the records of the clients as per tax and corporate law authority requirements.

  • Records of sale invoices.
  • Records of all expenses, invoices, bills, vouchers, Debit memo, credit memo
  • Make invoices to the client’s customers at the request of our clients
  • Biannually withholding statements, monthly sale tax return and making records of input and output sale tax on the invoices.
  • QuickBooks Accounting Services.

Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Services

With a team of experts waiting to serve you at all levels of business accounting including Online Accounting Services and Payroll Management System, TMC ensures that outsourcing your accounting services to us will be a highly rewarding business experience.

Financial Analysis Services

Having been in the industry with a team of qualified members of the professional bodies and experts in the field of Accounting and finance, TMC has gained enough experience to understand the client’s requirements and provide the services accordingly. We provide a host of services in financial analysis outsourcing. These include –

  • Financial analysis and research
  • Corporate financial statements
  • Analysis of financial statements – monthly, quarterly, and annual management reports
  • Analysis of portfolio structures
  • Analysis of prospectus and offer documents
  • Industry reports analysis and competitor analysis
  • Creation and maintenance of databases and libraries
  • Financial ratio analysis, break-even analysis, NPV, and IRR analysis
  • Board of directors and audit committee presentations on financial results